Our permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, but sometimes having a tooth pulled in adulthood is necessary.

We offer tooth extractions in Gold Hill, Oregon, that can clear a crowded mouth, get rid of any infections, prevent the risk of infection, and extract teeth affected by periodontal disease. You might also need to pull a tooth when it is extremely damaged from trauma and decay.

The process of extracting a tooth at Tom Brooks DMD involves Dr. Tom Brooks first numbing the area where the tooth will be removed with a local anesthetic. You might also be given a sedative to help you feel calm and relaxed during the process. Your dentist will then cut away the gum and bone tissue that covers the tooth. After the gums and tissues are cut away, he will grab the tooth with forceps and gently rock it back and forth to loosen it from the connected ligaments and bone. If it is difficult to remove, your dentist will pull it out in pieces.

After you get the tooth removed, we ask that you take special care of the empty space in your mouth. If the blood clot that forms in the pocket breaks loose, it will cause dry socket, which is extremely painful. If this happens, meet with your dentist as soon as possible.

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